The Board of State Examiners of Electricians recently met on Monday, February 25, to cover a number of items including taking board meetings on the road to vocational and technical high schools throughout Massachusetts, the deadline for licensing renewals is fast approaching and will only be accepted via their online E-Licensing system, 15 hour code update course required to renewal certain licenses, license reciprocity, and a proposed extension to the expiration of education credits.
Board Meetings Go On-The-Road: The Electrical Board will take board meetings on the road, visiting several technical and vocational high schools throughout Massachusetts. Career fairs with students from the school will take place prior to each meeting, Click here for the 2019 schedule.

E-Licensing Renewals: Electricians should be aware that the renewal cycle for Electrician's licenses will begin in July and will now only be available online. Information on the process and renewal applications  can be found here.

15 Hour Code Update Course Requirement to Renew License: Prior to May 1st, 2019, Candidates who successfully pass the Journeyman or Master Electrician licensing exam will recieve a license with an expiration date of 07/31/2019. They will have to complete a 15 hour code update course to renew and pay the renewal fee. Licensing with a 07/31/2022 expiration date will be issued starting May 1st, 2019. 

​License Reciprocity: The Board's Planning and Research Subcommittee will meet on Thursday, March 14 to look at reciprocal license agreements with all states and report on Pain Points in the process. There is a nationwide movement for reciprocity. The subcommittee will discover interest of other states in reciprocity agreements with Massachusetts, review Electrical licenses in each state and how they compare to Massachusetts licenses, review school and educations requirements for each state, and review Continuing Education requirements.

Proposed Extension of Expiration of Educational Credits: There are proposed changes to the CMR regulations governing electricians that would extend the expiration of licensing credits from the current 7 years to 20 years.