ABC Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Group (SIG)

ABC Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Group (SIG)

The ABC Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Self-Insurance Group (SIG), was formed in 1994 by five ABC Massachusetts members.  Workers compensation is in the top most expensive line items in a construction company’s budget so they created this program to give members control over these costs.  The services include an aggressive claims management process, a significant amount of hands-on safety resources free of charge and dividends for good performance.

The commitment of the SIG members paired with that of our Board of Directors and fund administrators has led to dividend distributions over $10 million since inception.  Our loss ratios remain in the 20-35% range versus those of the commercial industry which average 65%.    Regardless of economic market conditions, the SIG’s appetite and resources have remained consistent and our members never shop their workers compensation again.  Please join your peers and join our successful program by clicking through the links and reaching out.


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For more information, click here or contact Ryan Foye, (603) 315-4872 or [email protected]