Priorities and Issues

ABC's Priorities

As the leading voice of the merit shop industry on Beacon Hill, Associated Builders and Contractors of Massachusetts advocates for equal access and opportunity for its members and the entire construction industry. We oppose policy initiatives that seek to stifle free and open competition when it comes to construction projects. Likewise, we support legislation and policies that will ensure a level playing field.

Competitive Bidding: Construction projects best serve the public good when the bidding process allows for BOTH union and nonunion companies to submit bids. This ensures that all workers have equal opportunity; no one company having more of a right to work than another. Competitive bidding brings down the cost of construction because more companies are allowed to participate in the process thereby increasing the economic competition and driving down costs.

Professional Standards: ABC believes that all construction companies should deliver the highest levels of quality to their clients. We support the development of the construction workforce through training at all levels, from apprenticeship to professional development. This promotes a safe and healthy work environment, because every ABC employer understands their employees are their most valuable resource and nothing is more important than their safety.

Apprenticeship Opportunities: In construction, the path to becoming a licensed tradesman or woman begins with an apprenticeship to gain on-the-job experience, learn the skills necessary to perform the trade and earn a competitive wage, all while setting themselves up for a career. It’s a great way to develop the next generation’s workforce and reduce overall project costs. ABC supports regulations that allow companies and apprentices alike to take full advantage of apprentice employment opportunities.