Once thought of as a seasonal, dirty, and scary “jobs,” a growing number ofmore and more people are realizing that careers in construction are far more than that. Construction technology utilizes computer-aided drawing and design tools, lasers, and even GPS positioning tools.
As the industry advances and evolves, it provides ever-greater expands opportunities. It also. The United States today faces critical labor shortages as it attempts to meet ever-the growingconstruction demand of the future. The industry that built this great nation a couple of hundred years ago needs to do it again. That’s why it’s so important that we promote careers in construction to the best and brightest amongst us –because the industry that built this great nation once a couple hundred years ago, needs to do it again, and it’s going to take every one of us all to getdo it done.
March is “Women in Construction” month, and although we recognize, appreciate, reward, and promote “women in construction” every day of every month, dedicating March toas the month we telling their stories is always impactful. Across the Bay State there are examples of women making major contributions to their companies, and their local economies and forging a career in construction. Because I have the forum, I’d like to tell three stories of three exceptional women – Cristie Eddy, Kim Lynch, and Kate Nugent – who are havmaking an impact aton my company, DECCO. Cristie Eddy, Kim Lynch, and Kate Nugent.
Cristie was recently recognized by MetalForming Magazine as a “Woman of Excellence” for her dedication to her craft (welding) and her impact on our company. IKim Lynch, in two short years, Kim Lynch has gone from serving pizza and subs at a local diner, to a lead project engineer whothat useis utilizing AutoCAD to help produce prefabricated piping assemblies and skids for COVID vaccines. Kate Nugent was the supervisor and lead orbital welder for those same skids, which are now producing crucial vaccines across the wWorld.
Even as theyWhile these three were makeing such great contributions to our company, Cristie is also raising two children who are “remote learning” during the pandemic and Kim became a new mother a few months ago. Kate Nugent recently got married (and shortly thereafter recruited her new husband into DECCO’s apprentice program!).
There have long been inspiring stories of women balancing their careers and familyies. and I will never forget the sign we had in our house growing up that read “A Mom’s job is from son up to son down”. As more women discover construction as a rewarding career path that provides training and encourages advancement and accomplishment, it’s our jobs to tell their stories. Because their story is ABC’s story and is America’s story.
Ay…and we can’t don’t have the luxury of excludeing anyone’s talents as weI began, the rebuild of the American economy is going to take us all.