According to Rich Sarnie, “safety isn’t a cost; it’s an investment.” That approach – that the right safety investments provide excellent ROI – is the foundation of Sarnie’s work as COO of United Alliance Services, a full-service occupational safety and health firm that does 70 percent of its business with the construction industry.
Rich’s background and skills set United Alliance apart. In addition to 35 years in the safety industry, he is a professional engineer, holds an MBA, is a board-certified safety professional and is also a licensed in insurance advisory.
This expertise makes United Alliance a trusted advisor to its clients. It offers risk management assessments, can review a company’s safety and health program based on what the company has in writing, or can conduct more detailed on-site audits. In fact, United Alliance can eliminate safety and health from clients’ to-do lists by serving as a “plug and play,” handling all client safety and health needs. That can include providing a full-time, embedded safety professional and eliminating the need to hire, train and retain an in-house person.
United Alliance stresses continuous improvement. It is a full-service training provider, with programs such s compliance and fall protection. The company also offers OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 training.
Owners want to see robust safety programs. Letting United Alliance implement best practices not only makes your bid more attractive, it can also allow your company to earn an insurance discount.
Small companies have very different needs than larger ones, just as GCs, subs and owners are all different. United Alliance can tailor its services to your company’s unique health and safety needs.
“Employees and customers are your most valuable assets,” Sarnie says. “You can rely on us to help you protect them.”