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ABC Fights Addition of PLA to Bill Funding Reconstruction of New Holyoke Soldiers Home

  Boston Herald Editorial Calls Attention to Minority Participation Concerns    ABC MA is fighting to remove a project labor agreement (PLA) that has been added to bonding legislation to finance the construction of a new Holyoke Soldiers Home (H 3701).   Recent developments include the Boston Herald publishing an op-ed on 4/16  highlighting the impact of the PLA on minority participation as the bill moves to the Senate after initial passage in the House.   ABC strongly supports the reconstruction of the Holyoke Soldiers home but believes it should be done without a PLA.  PLAs require that all labor must come from the unions, which effectively shuts out open shop contractors.  According to, in 2020 the Massachusetts construction workforce was 83.5 percent non-union.  ABC strongly opposes PLAs as discriminatory and costly due to their limiting open shop competition.     The Herald editor ...

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Paid Family & Medical Leave Deadline Extensions

Employer Notice to Employees ​The deadline for employer notice to employees has been extended from May 31 to June 30, 2019. The notice, which may be provided electronically, must include the opportunity for an employee or self-employed individual to acknowledge receipt or decline to acknowledge receipt of the information. Exemption Deadline Extended for Quarter 1 The Department’s current guidance requires that exemptions for private plans must be approved in the quarter prior to the quarter in which they will go into effect. For Quarter 1 only, however, the deadline to file for a private plan exemption that will be in effect for first quarter contributions for paid family and medical leave has been moved from June 30 to September 20, 2019. This will allow employers additional time to contemplate private plan options. Going forward, the Department will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis but applications must be approved in the quarter prior to the quarter in which they go into ef ...

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Workforce Notification Requirements - Paid Family and Medical Leave

The Department of Family and Medical Leave has posted the notice required to be provided by employers and covered business entities to their current workforce of PFML benefits, contribution rates, and other provisions as outlined in M.G.L. c. 175M sec. 4 on or before May 31, 2019.

​The notice, which may be provided electronically, must include the opportunity for an employee or self-employed individual to acknowledge receipt or decline to acknowledge receipt of the information. The notice has been posted in six languages. 

Change to Massachusetts Elevator Regulations Regarding Canceling Scheduled Inspections & Acceptance Test Re-Inspection Fees

Per the Massachusetts Office of Public Safety and Inspections, Please note the following change to Massachusetts Elevator Regulations regarding canceling scheduled inspections, and change to OPSI Policy regarding fees for acceptance test re-inspections.   Per 524 CMR 1.10 (4) Effective June 1, 2018: Inspections canceled by the owner or contractor within ten days of the scheduled inspection will result in forfeiture of all fees and a requirement to refile for said inspection.    This applies to all types of inspections. If an inspection is canceled within ten days of the scheduled date you will be required to re-submit application and payment in order to have the elevator re-scheduled.   Due to the large number of elevators requiring re-inspections for acceptance tests the department will charge a $400 fee for all acceptance test re-inspections. Effective May 1, 2019 a $400 fee will be required for each re-inspection needed to pass an acceptance test.   Prior to May ...

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Paid Family and Medical Leave Update

The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development recently released the second draft regulations for Paid Family and Medical Leave. In May, two additional public hearings will be held in anticipation of final regulations being released prior to the July 1st, 2019 deadline requiring deductions from wages in order to fund quarterly contributions to the Department of Family and Medical Leave.

The Department of Family and Medical Leave has provided an number of resources for employers and workers in anticipation of the regulations becoming effective:

Reporting Injury and Illness Summary for 2018

March 2, 2019, is the deadline for employers to electronically report OSHA Form 300A data, which summarizes job-related injuries and illnesses logged during calendar year 2018. Not all establishments are covered by this requirement. Visit OSHA's Injury Tracking Application webpage for information about which establishments are covered by this requirement and to submit data.

ABC Provides Comments to Pipefitters, Refrigeration Technicians, and Sprinklerfitters Bureau

Last week, the Bureau of Pipefitters, Refrigeration Technicians and Sprinklerfitters hosted a listening session to solicit comments from members of the public on the current regulations. ABC provided comments on a number of issues including creating a separate welding license, reducing the 18-year age requirement for refrigeration apprentices, applicable credit for educational and on-the-job training hours required to become a journeyman, and eliminating prohibitive apprentice ratios. 

For a copy of the comments, please click here. 

ABC MA Members Meet with MAPC on Climate Change Impacts on Construction

On February 5th, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) conducted a focus group on climate resiliency with our members to learn about their experiences and perspectives on climate change. Over the past few years there have been a number of extreme weather events and trends that brought MAPC to this topic, such as: ​ The five warmest years in the global record have all happened since 2010. 2018 was the wettest fall on record since 1891. There’s been a 71% increase in the amount of rain during 100-year level storm events since 1950. Last March’s repeat Nor’easters resulted in severe flooding across Eastern MA communities. Towns’ storm water and wastewater systems were overwhelmed. Some communities even had sewage backup in their streets.   MAPC solicited our members on-the-ground knowledge and expertise to build an understanding of climate change impacts on construction in New England. This will help inform regional planning ...

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