In line with the current political climate, we are seeing increasing union activism.  In this environment, all open shop contractors are a potential target of local construction unions.  It is important that members be aware and have a plan of action.  

We urge ABC member contractors to join us for a members-only session with  ABC Labor Counsel Carol Chandler, one of the region’s most experienced labor lawyers and counsel to ABC MA.  Atty. Chandler will review the different forms of union activity aimed at your businesses, employees and jobsites, and how to address it.  Kyle Reagan, DECCO CEO and current ABC MA chair, will host the discussion and share a contractor’s perspective.  

This session will provide response strategies and tips on what you should…and shouldn’t… do.   There will be time for Q and A.  Handouts will be provided to those members who attend this webinar.  


Carol Chandler, Esq.
Stoneman, Chandler & Miller LLP
ABC MA Labor Counsel

Hosted by Kyle Reagan 
ABC MA Chairman

*Must be an ABC MA member in good standing to attend*