ABC is pleased to announce the reconvening of our Membership Committee to help grow the chapter membership base.  Chaired by ABC’s all-time recruitment leader, Ray Caruso (C. E. Floyd Company, Inc.), the committee is made up of volunteers from fifteen members firms that include 14 General Contractors  as well as Associate Member and Beam Club Member Jim Abbott (Claro Advisors), who was former ABC MA Membership Director.  With the support of current ABC Membership Director Venus Williams and Chapter President Greg Beeman, the committee’s goal for 2021 is to reach 500 chapter members by the end of the year.  


Membership Committee Members:

  • Ray Caruso (C.E. Floyd Company, Inc.)
  • Jim Abbott (Claro Advisors, LLC)
  • James McCormack (Erland Construction, Inc.)
  • Tom Dionne (Connolly Brothers, Inc.
  • Nick Baker (Shawnlee Construction, LLC)
  • John Teixeria (John B. Cruz Construction Co., Inc.)
  • Skip Titus (Groom Construction Co., Inc.)
  • Samantha (Groom Construction Co., Inc.)
  • Dave Spinale (Haynes Group, Inc.)
  • Carrie-Ann Doucette (Windover Construction, Inc.)
  • Chris (R.H. White Construction Co., Inc.)
  • Mike Griffiths (B.W. Kennedy and Company, LLC)
  • Tucker Oniskey (Plumb House, Inc)
  • Patrick Callahan II (Callahan Construction Managers)
  • Bryan Clark (JM Coull, Inc.)


You can support the committee with any leads on prospective members by connecting with those above. The task of the committee is to reach out to industry general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and associate firms to relay the positive benefits our association has to offer our members.  The strength of ABC is its membership, i.e., “Strength in Numbers”!