At W.T. Kenney Co., it’s always been about family, whether it’s the type we’re born into or those who become family along the way.

This year, the fourth-generation painting contractor celebrates its 80th anniversary.  Walter Thomas Kenney started the company in 1939, selling paint door-to-door in Arlington.  During the 1940s or 50s, he realized it would be more lucrative if his company also did the painting instead of just selling the paint.

Walter eventually handed the business over to his sons Wally, Allan and Ted, who for years ran the company together out of the same room.

Today it’s Tim Kenney, Walter’s grandson, who serves as president and runs the company along with his nephew, Senior Vice President Brian Jurgens, who represents the fourth generation of family ownership.

But blood relatives aren’t the only ones to be celebrated as W.T. Kenney marks its 80th.  The company has about 40 employees, about a quarter of whom are in the office and the rest out in the field.

Among them is Shop Foreman Jerry Solomon, who’s been with W.T. Kenney for well over 50 years, opening the shop six days a week at 5:30 am, as he still does today.  “He taught me to paint,” said Brian Jurgens.  “With some help from Tom Hayes.” 

Hayes has been painting with the company since 1973.   Assistant Office Manager Daniels has also become family after working at W.T. Kenney for over 40 years.

Along with family, the Town of Arlington is another constant for W.T. Kenney.  It’s where Walter founded the company and where it’s still based today.

W.T. Kenney Co. can serve all your corporate, commercial, institutional and residential needs.  And after 80 years, when you call on them, you’ll still know exactly what – and who – you’re getting.