Imagine having one-click access to same day delivery of parts or other materials without losing time or having to leave a jobsite.  And how about saving up to 20 percent on regularly scheduled next-day deliveries?


Both are a reality now for ABC member companies, thanks to our chapter’s new partnership with PartRunner, a technology and logistics firm.


PartRunner partners with large and small vehicles to deliver virtually anything to where it needs to go at any time.  Simply enter what you need on their convenient app, just as you would order an Uber or Lyft.  It’s on-demand delivery at the click of a button.


It’s also a smarter logistics system.  By partnering with a broad network of delivery vehicles, PartRunner not only provides on-demand delivery, but it can do it for up to 20 percent less than you currently spend.  And in response to these challenging times, PartRunner now offers a non-contact delivery option.      


Some ABC Massachusetts firms already work with the company, and through this new member benefit, you can too.  PartRunner will offer discounts and other exclusive benefits to ABC companies. 


PartRunner founder and CEO Yosh Rozen observes that the service has many more uses than people think of at first.  They include supply runs, office runs, delivering documentation (from checks to plans) to the job site, and restocks.  “We can practically pickup from anywhere and deliver to any location,” Rozen said.  “And our special offers aren’t just limited to ABC contractors.  We hope the member accounting firms, law firms and insurance agencies that serve ABC contractors will also take advantage of them.” 


Learn more about what PartRunner can do you for you.

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