Lock 50 Restaurant & Wine Bar (map)


Public construction in Massachusetts presents unique challenges, risks, and obligations. Attorneys James Grillo and Scott Semple of Davagian Grillo & Semple LLP will host the next legal roundtable for contractors considering performing public construction in Massachusetts, expanding the amount of public work performed, or that simply seek to brush up on issues affecting Massachusetts public construction contractors.


In an effort to address specific points in which attendees are interested, Jim and Scott invite participants to submit questions or topics of interest in advance, and will endeavor to provide ample opportunity for question-and-answer.


Topics covered will include: Eligibility, certification, and prequalification, bidding and bid protests, avoiding and managing scope disputes, prevailing wage applicability and classification issues, and prosecuting or defending claims.




Lock 50 Restaurant & Wine Bar 

50 Water Street

Worcester, MA 01604