Join us for lunch at the virtual track with a fun and exciting virtual event to support ABC Massachusetts, so grab your best hat and boots because virtual horse racing is here! During this 60-minute virtual event, attendees will have the pleasure of watching and betting on 10 horse races.  


You won't need to break out the check book to place a bet, they’re all mock bets and those whose horses place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each round will automatically be entered for the chance to win prizes!


Prior to the event, all participants will be granted access to a betting document, where they will input their name and pick their horses. The Zoom login link will be sent to all attendees prior to the event.  So, it’s off to the races… at least virtually! Please join us for some good fun to benefit ABC!


The pandemic has affected all our normal in-person programs and events.  In addition to the networking opportunities and other benefits events offer to members, they also provide ABC with a significant source of revenue.


With this virtual event, we plan to offer you some fun and friendly competition while helping to support ABC.   On that point, we encourage you to sign on as an event sponsor (see below).  In addition to recognition during the event, all sponsors will be highlighted in the ABC newsletter and on the website for showing their support of ABC during these challenging times!





Thank You to our Event Sponsors!


Race Sponsors: