Legal Advocacy

Legal Advocacy

ABC Massachusetts Labor Counsel: Carol Chandler

Carol Chandler of the Boston law firm, Stoneman, Chandler & Miller, has served as Labor Counsel for ABC Massachusetts for over 15 years. Attorney Chandler provides ABC members with a free initial consultation. Carol and her firm have helped ABC members on issues involving the maintenance of merit shop environments, wage and hour laws, benefit programs, employee handbooks, the requirements of the prevailing rate statutes and the defense of claims involving unfair labor practices. The firm also assists employers in dealing with union campaigns and election petitions, as well as union salting and stripping.

UNION ACTIVITY ASSISTANCE: ABC Massachusetts provides its members with assistance and best practices recommendations when encountering union activity.

JOBSITE LABOR RELATIONS: ABC also provides its members with a jobsite labor relations handbook with information on how to handle labor issues at construction sites.

Please contact Greg Beeman at 781-273-0123 or [email protected] for more information.

ABC Massachusetts General Counsel: James L. Rudolph

Jim Rudolph is the Managing Partner of the Boston law firm Rudolph Friedmann LLP, current Chairman of ABC Massachusetts Board of Directors, and its general counsel. Jim’s practice focuses primarily on advising clients relative to business disputes, creditor and debtor rights, employment matters, and construction litigation. He is also a frequent writer and presenter on the topic of construction contract negotiation and drafting, construction litigation, stockholder rights, alternative dispute resolution, and liquidation of accounts receivable for contractors, sub-contractors, and suppliers.

Jim is also involved and has held leadership positions at a number of different organizations, including the Anti-Defamation League, The Governor’s Academy, the North Shore Chamber of Commerce, the Massachusetts Restaurant Association, Eastern Bank, and the Essex National Heritage Foundation.

Jim provides ABC members with a free initial consultation. Please contact Greg Beeman at 781-273-0123 or [email protected] for more information.