Events Committee: Dan Gearin, [email protected]

  • Assists in developing and implementing events of value to current and prospective members with a goal of increasing member engagement and growth.
  • Works with Chapter staff and membership to ensure events are relevant and worthwhile.

Membership Committee: Ken Ledwak, [email protected]

  • Develop programs, materials and incentives which focus on enlisting new members.
  • Focus on Retention.
  • Handle evaluation of financial incentives of membership & strategy for membership yearly membership drives.
  • Working to enhance the opportunity for members to do business with members.

Future Leaders Council: Ken Ledwak, [email protected]

  • Our mission is to engage personnel at all levels of member companies who will gain professionally through active participation which will lead to stronger, better run member companies and more vibrant ABC organization.
  • Participation is open to individuals under the age of 40 from company presidents to future managers.

Government Affairs: Molly Reagan, [email protected]  

  • Monitor Legislation, develop response strategies, and communicate to members on pertinent issues.
  • Contact legislators directly on significant issues and conduct.
  • Meets before each Board of Directors meeting.

Safety Committee: Diane Craven, [email protected]

  • Determine impact of regulatory changes on ABC members and develop programs, seminars, and materials to aid contractors in ensuring the safety of their employees.

Human Resource Committee: Patty Devito, [email protected]

  • To provide an information-sharing forum for HR professionals and personnel decision makers to exchange ideas relating to the attraction and retention of employees within the construction industry.

Marketing Committee: Venus Williams, [email protected]

  • Each committee member brings unique marketing experience and a wealth of knowledge to share.
  • Act as a sounding board for marketing strategies and tools, develop and share innovative ideas, and provide feedback on marketing activities.