With the growing concern over the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the Commonwealth, ABC Massachusetts has made the decision to postpone all programs and events through April 30. This will include the Meet the Generals and Annual Building Our Future Scholarship Hockey Challenge. As we move through this evolving crisis we will continue to evaluate future programs and events as well. In conjunction with ABC National, we are looking to provide additional on-line content. Watch for additional information on this.

Additionally, ABC staff will primarily be working remotely and will be available during regular business hours. We will be re-valuating this status on a weekly basis. We will do our best to continue to meet member needs. During this time, since the office will not be regularly staffed, we ask members to reach us via email or phone rather than in-person at the ABC office. All ABC/GCI staff have remote access to their email, and we recommend this as the most efficient means of communication. Voicemails left at ABC are accessible by staff via email as well. Staff contact information, including cell phones, is listed below.
ABC Massachusetts Staff
Main Line: (781) 273-0123
Greg Beeman - [email protected] - Ext. 1104 - Cell: (781) 844-5763
Patty DeVito - [email protected] - Ext. 1105 - Cell: (781) 844-5762
Dan Gearin - [email protected] - Ext. 1103 - Cell: (207) 351-5970
Sophir Jeune - [email protected] - Ext. 1111 - Cell: (857) 264-7561
Ken Ledwak - [email protected] - Ext. 1108 - Cell: (617) 777-2521
Molly Reagan - [email protected] - Ext. 1120 - Cell: (781) 777-8013
Steve Sullivan - [email protected] - Ext. 1117 - Cell: (617) 281-6860
Venus Williams - [email protected] - Ext. 1102 - Cell: (617) 721-8499

Gould Construction Institute Staff
Main Line: (781) 270-9990
Julie Kelliher - [email protected] - Ext. 1106 - Cell: (781) 964-1709
Diane Craven - [email protected] - Ext. 1121 - Cell: (781) 248-6941
Allison Jackson - [email protected] - Ext. 1112 - Cell: (781) 910-7763
Crystal Reddick - [email protected] - Ext. 1118 - Cell: (781) 608-0475
Member companies with students training with Gould Construction Institute (GCI), our Training and Education Affiliate, can monitor the GCI website for more information regarding their classes.

ABC MA legal counsel, Stoneman Chandler & Miller LLP, has prepared a practical one-page template to assist members in communicating with their employees. It is in Microsoft Word so that it can be easily customized.

ABC National’s general counsel, Littler, has also compiled coronavirus resources for employers, which includes an on-demand webinar and fact sheet for how employers can manage the outbreak. Please feel free to pass this along to your member companies.

Information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be issued at a rapid pace. In order to stay up to date and access accurate information, employers are encouraged to utilize the below links.

Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for more information on the coronavirus, including the resources below:

Prevention and Treatment
Information for Travel
Guidance for Businesses and Employers
Frequently Asked Questions
Latest News Updates
Communication Resources

The Centers for Disease Control has advised the following tips for healthy and safe meetings and travel during the outbreak:

Use videoconferencing for meetings when possible

When not possible, hold meetings in open, well-ventilated spaces.

Consider adjusting or postponing large meetings or gatherings.

Assess the risks of business travel.