Improving clients’ bottom line by helping them do the right thing – that’s the mission of DBI Waste Systems, a full-service solid waste and recycling company.
DBI helps construction, industrial and government clients in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire maximize recycling and comply with state Department of Environmental Protection rules. It also maximizes efficiency and saves clients money by separating waste streams and providing contractors with roll-offs for each type of waste, and by finding markets for selling the waste.
DBI is a family business founded by the uncles of the company’s current president, Bob Prezioso, in 1960. DBI utilizes the latest technologies that are transforming the recycling industry. But in many ways, it’s their status as a 60-year-old family business that sets the company apart.
“We focus on helping our clients recycle by providing services tailored to each one’s unique needs,” Prezioso says. When a client calls, they won’t be routed to a call center. Not only will they talk to an employee at DBIs Everett office, but their issue will be taken care of that day or the next.
“ABC contractors have more than enough to worry about,” Prezioso says. “By taking care of all your recycling needs and ensuring compliance with DEP rules, we can take one thing off your plate.”
And if they have a question or a problem, clients know they can talk to a DBI employee and get the issue addressed promptly.