Longtime Member Brian Renaud Launches Contractor Benefit Solutions


Brian Renaud has long been known and trusted by his fellow ABC MA members as the representative for the Contractors Plan, the retirement plan offered through our chapter.  He’s still the rep, but with his new firm, Contractor Benefit Solutions, he can do a whole lot more.

Brian has long served the unique needs of contractors who do prevailing wage work, but with his new company he can provide members with more options and provide additional services. 

“I want to keep working with the same people,” Renaud said.  “The difference is that now I can offer more options and customize plans based on a particular client’s needs.”

In addition to the Contractors Plan, you can now contact Brian for health and benefit plans, and for the Sub Plan, a supplemental unemployment benefit account for firms that do public work that gives companies and workers short-term access to pre-tax dollars.

Contractor Benefit Solutions can also connect clients with resources for certified payroll and fringe benefits on public work.  The company can offer a “dollar bank,” which helps companies whose work has peaks and valleys by allowing firms to pay more toward health insurance during busy times so the money is there for employees when things are slow.

“I have a lot more bandwidth now,” Brian says.  “I can craft plans based on contractors’ evolving needs and I’m willing to work with other brokers to provide whatever works best for the client.”

In addition to the trust Brian has built up through his years of work, our members also know about his dedication to giving back.  His charity golf tournament benefits the Contractors’ Children Fund, which provides multi-year scholarships to children who lose a parent at a young age.

You can contact him at [email protected] or 339-222-8317.