Chairman's Message - November 2020

In the midst of the pandemic, it’s not easy to provide the training young people need to access lucrative construction careers. But ABC’s Gould Construction Institute (GCI) is rising to the occasion in these unprecedented times.
When you look at responses from a recent survey of Gould students, it’s easy to see why a growing number of young men and women are looking to construction. One wrote, “Knowledge is power, and with the right focus and hard work, there will always be jobs for the trades.” “I wanted more than working 60 hours a week for low wages at the pizza shop I was at,” another added. Construction offers a pathway to a real career – without the massive college debt that is crippling so many graduates.
Last spring, Gould began a remarkably smooth transition from classroom to online learning, which has come with some unexpected benefits. Since students can just head home after work and fire up their computers, they are spared the trip from work to the classroom, and then back home after class. This is particularly welcome for the many students with young families.
Most of GCI’s students are young, which means they are generally far less intimidated by technology. Many more have been using computers since before they started school.
Remote learning has also brought benefits for employers. No longer needing to travel to class and then home after a long day of work means fewer employees are burnt out. And remote learning can happen from anywhere, meaning those working on jobs that aren’t local can continue their education.
The transition couldn’t be as smooth as it’s been without Gould’s dedicated instructors. Remote learning has been an adjustment for them, and many report that doing it well requires more preparation. To help with the adjustment, GCI is providing instructors with the extra training they need.
We’re all looking forward to the day when life returns to normal. Each of us has had to endure countless changes since March, and few have been as smooth as the Gould Construction Institute’s transition to online learning.