Merit Apprentice Program

Merit Apprenticeship Program (MAP)


Your future in the Construction Industry

The ABC Merit Apprenticeship Program (MAP) is a coalition of merit shop contractors that have joined forces to formally train the 21st century construction professionals to meet the workforce needs of ABC members.

Benefits to companies affiliated to ABC/MAP

  • Strong advocacy support and assistance in navigating the confusing, bureaucratic maze when dealing with government agencies;
  • Meeting your hiring needs by providing ready-to-work apprentices in all trades;
  • Assistance with meeting your public bidding requirements;

Benefits to current and prospective apprentices

  • Recruiting, training, and job placing candidates using our robust and expanding apprenticeship program;
  • Monitoring apprentices' progress to satisfy their annual state apprenticeship renewal requirements;
  • Trade-related and license prep courses at the Gould Construction Institute, the education branch of ABC;
  • Providing a direct entry point to youth and young adults dedicated to a successful career in the industry

Contact us

Mike Maloney

Apprenticeship Director

[email protected]

(781) 273-0123 ext. 1138

Together, let's develop the next generation of merit shop professionals for the 21st century construction marketplace.